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so here's some of the "family". I was going to find a way to take nice "artsy" photos.... maybe someday

Bach Bb1

this is my first Bach Bb!!


this is a later Bach Bb

Bach C

My Bach C purchased used in 1970 and used for the next 40 years or so


One of my Buescher Cornets -- with crooks to make it in A, Bb, and C


One of my Conn Connqueror Cornets in C. Great instrument


My first C trumpet!! A DePrins (Antwerp) in Bb and C


Yamaha Eb from about 1972, currently with a Bach 39 bell


A couple of my Euphoniums -- a Double belled King (a 5 valve Conn is around somewhere) and the Conn 25I that was with me through college


One can never have two many mouthpieces, can one?

Mt. Vernon

A Mt. Vernon Bach Bb n excellent condition!!


My 3rd piccolo trumpet (First Selmer, then Yamaha) a Schilke P5-4, mostly collecting dust in the case


The above collecting dust because this is the most used piccolo trumpet now!!


The trumpet storage under the mouthpiece tray


a strange creature.... looks like a violin case, BUT


it's the home of the Tomes baroque trumpet, A=440. C and D


What room would be complete without a Tuba (Buescher Eb)

Yamaha Bb

The main Bb trumpet now, Yamaha Chicago Bb

Yamaha C

The main C trumpet now - Yamaha Chicago C

Yamaha C

not last (because there are well over 100 other instruments around in various places) and certainly not least.... my Yamaha Rotary C trumpet